Articles | Volume 10, issue 2
Research article
14 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 14 Mar 2022

Rapid Holocene bedrock canyon incision of Beida River, North Qilian Shan, China

Yiran Wang, Michael E. Oskin, Youli Li, and Huiping Zhang

Data sets

Rapid bedrock canyon incision during a mid-Holocene pluvial period, Qilian Shan, China Yiran Wang

Short summary
Beida River has an over-steepened reach presently located 10 km upstream of the North Qilian mountain front. It was formed because river incising into the bedrocks inside the mountain cannot keep up with river incising into the soft sediment in the basin. We suggest this over-steepened reach represents a fast incision period 3–4 kyr ago, deepening the canyon for ~35 m within ~700 years. The formation of this reach corresponds to a humid period related to strong Southeast Asian Monsoon influence.