Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
Research article
24 Mar 2023
Research article |  | 24 Mar 2023

Patterns and rates of soil movement and shallow failures across several small watersheds on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Joanmarie Del Vecchio, Emma R. Lathrop, Julian B. Dann, Christian G. Andresen, Adam D. Collins, Michael M. Fratkin, Simon Zwieback, Rachel C. Glade, and Joel C. Rowland

Data sets

DGPS measurements of solifluction and hillslopes creep at the Teller 47 field site from 2017-2019, Seward Peninsula, AK E. Lathrop, J. Rowland, J. DelVecchio, L. Charsley-Groffman, E. Thaler, E. Swanson, J. Dann, and N. Sutfin

L0 Data from the 2018 NGEE Arctic LiDAR and Imagery Unocuppied Aerial System Campaign at the Teller 47 Field Site, Seward Peninsula, Alaska A. Collins, C. Andresen, J. Dann, E. Lathrop, and E. Swanson

Orthoimagery and Shapefiles Documenting Pre- and Post-August 2019 Slope Disturbances, Teller Road Site, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, 2018-2019 J. DelVecchio, E. Lathrop, J. Dann, A. Collins, and J. Rowland

Teller 47 solifluction: Sentinel-1 deformation estimates (v0.1) [Data set] S. Zwieback

Surface Meteorology at Teller Mile 47 Watershed, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, Ongoing from 2018 B. Busey, B. Bolton, T. Wu, X. Wu, and S. Kang

ArcticDEM, Version 3 C. Porter, P. Morin, I. Howat, M.-J. Noh, B. Bates, K. Peterman, S. Keesey, M. Schlenk, J. Gardiner, K. Tomko, M. Willis, C. Kelleher, M. Cloutier, E. Husby, S. Foga, H. Nakamura, M. Platson, M. Wethington Jr., C. Williamson, G. Bauer, J. Enos, G. Arnold, W. Kramer, P. Becker, A. Doshi, C. D'Souza, P. Cummens, F. Laurier, and M. Bojesen

Model code and software

jmdelvecchio/Teller47: v2.0.0 (v2.0.0) J. Del Vecchio

Short summary
In cold regions of the Earth, thawing permafrost can change the landscape, impact ecosystems, and lead to the release of greenhouse gases. In this study we used many observational tools to better understand how sediment moves on permafrost hillslopes. Some topographic change conforms to our understanding of slope stability and sediment transport as developed in temperate landscapes, but much of what we observed needs further explanation by permafrost-specific geomorphic models.