Articles | Volume 5, issue 2
Research article
13 Apr 2017
Research article |  | 13 Apr 2017

Validation of digital elevation models (DEMs) and comparison of geomorphic metrics on the southern Central Andean Plateau

Benjamin Purinton and Bodo Bookhagen

Model code and software

DEM Fourier noise analysis code for MATLAB B. Purinton

Short summary
We evaluate the 12 m TanDEM-X DEM for geomorphometry and compare elevation accuracy (using over 300 000 dGPS measurements) and geomorphic metrics (e.g., slope and curvature) to other modern satellite-derived DEMs. The optically generated 5 m ALOS World 3D is less useful due to high-frequency noise. Despite improvements in radar-derived satellite DEMs, which are useful for elevation differencing and catchment analysis, lidar data are still necessary for fine-scale analysis of hillslope processes.