Articles | Volume 7, issue 4
Earth Surf. Dynam., 7, 911–927, 2019
Earth Surf. Dynam., 7, 911–927, 2019

Research article 01 Oct 2019

Research article | 01 Oct 2019

How does the downstream boundary affect avulsion dynamics in a laboratory bifurcation?

Gerard Salter et al.

Data sets

Bifurcation Experiments: Timeseries, Images, Topographic Scans, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 2016-2017 G. Salter, V. R. Voller, and C. Paola

Bifurcation Experiments G. Salter, V. Voller, and C. Paola

Short summary
Bifurcations are the switches that steer water and sediment in delta and multithread river networks, playing an important role in shaping the landscape. In lab experiments, we found that when the downstream branches grow through time, frequent switching in the water and sediment partitioning occurs. In contrast, once sediment freely exits the downstream boundary, long periods of time when one branch dominates occur; however, unlike our theoretical prediction, these are not permanent.