Articles | Volume 10, issue 6
Research article
14 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 14 Nov 2022

Rockfall trajectory reconstruction: a flexible method utilizing video footage and high-resolution terrain models

François Noël, Michel Jaboyedoff, Andrin Caviezel, Clément Hibert, Franck Bourrier, and Jean-Philippe Malet

Data sets

Induced Rockfall Dataset #2 (Chant Sura Experimental Campaign) A. Caviezel, S. Demmel, Y. Bühler, A. Ringenbach, M. Christen, and P. Bartelt

Highly energetic rockfalls: Back analysis of the 2015 event from the Mel de la Niva, Switzerland F. Noël, S. F. Nordang, M. Jaboyedoff, J. Travelletti, B. Matasci, M. Digout, M.-H. Derron, A. Caviezel, C. Hibert, D. Toe, M. Talib, E. Wyser, F. Bourrier, R. Toussaint, J.-P. Malet, and J. Locat

Short summary
Rockfall simulations are often performed to make sure infrastructure is safe. For that purpose, rockfall trajectory data are needed to calibrate the simulation models. In this paper, an affordable, flexible, and efficient trajectory reconstruction method is proposed. The method is tested by reconstructing trajectories from a full-scale rockfall experiment involving 2670 kg rocks and a flexible barrier. The results highlight improvements in precision and accuracy of the proposed method.