Articles | Volume 10, issue 3
Research article
28 Jun 2022
Research article |  | 28 Jun 2022

A multi-proxy assessment of terrace formation in the lower Trinity River valley, Texas

Hima J. Hassenruck-Gudipati, Thaddeus Ellis, Timothy A. Goudge, and David Mohrig

Data sets

Jefferson, Liberty, and Chambers Counties Lidar Strategic Mapping Program (StratMap)

East Texas Lidar Strategic Mapping Program (StratMap)

Upper Coast Lidar Strategic Mapping Program (StratMap)

FEMA 2011 1m Liberty Lidar FEMA

Model code and software

Figure generating code Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati

Short summary
During the late Pleistocene, the incision of the Trinity River valley left behind terraces. Elevation data and measurements of abandoned channels preserved on terraces are used to evaluate how terraces formed. We find a transition in the style of terraces with age from those associated with external environmental forcings to those produced by internal river migration changes. This result shows the importance of several indicators (i.e., channel bends, elevations) in determining terrace form.