Articles | Volume 7, issue 3
Research article
05 Sep 2019
Research article |  | 05 Sep 2019

Quantifying the restoration success of wood introductions to increase coho salmon winter habitat

Russell T. Bair, Catalina Segura, and Christopher M. Lorion

Data sets

Nays2D Modelling results for three reaches in the Oregon Coast Range before and after the addition of Large Wood C. Segura and R. Bair

Short summary
Large wood (LW) pieces are often part of fish habitat restoration projects. We investigated reach-scale changes after the addition of LW that are relevant to juvenile coho salmon. A survivable habitat for juvenile coho was characterized in terms of critical swim speed and bed stability. Model predictions showed that survivable habitat increased by 86–128 % in terms of flow velocity and bed stability. Our findings are applicable to stream restoration efforts throughout the Pacific Northwest.