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01 Oct 2019
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 01 Oct 2019

Mapping landscape connectivity as a driver of species richness under tectonic and climatic forcing

Tristan Salles, Patrice Rey, and Enrico Bertuzzo

Model code and software

bioLEC: A Python package to measure Landscape Elevational Connectivity ( T. Salles and P. Rey

Badlands: A parallel basin and landscape dynamics model ( T. Salles

Short summary
Mountainous landscapes have long been recognized as potential drivers for genetic drift, speciation, and ecological resilience. We present a novel approach that can be used to assess and quantify drivers of biodiversity, speciation, and endemism over geological time. Using coupled climate–landscape models, we show that biodiversity under tectonic and climatic forcing relates to landscape dynamics and that landscape complexity drives species richness through orogenic history.