Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
Research article
07 Jan 2021
Research article |  | 07 Jan 2021

Measurement of rock glacier surface change over different timescales using terrestrial laser scanning point clouds

Veit Ulrich, Jack G. Williams, Vivien Zahs, Katharina Anders, Stefan Hecht, and Bernhard Höfle

Data sets

Terrestrial laser scanning data of the Äußeres Hochebenkar rock glacier close to Obergurgl, Austria acquired during the Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research Jan Pfeiffer, Bernhard Höfle, Martin Hämmerle, Vivien Zahs, Martin Rutzinger, Marco Scaioni, Roderik Lindenbergh, Sander Oude Elberink, Francesco Pirotti, Magnus Bremer, Daniel Wujanz, and Thomas Zieher

Short summary
In this work, we use 3D point clouds to detect topographic changes across the surface of a rock glacier. These changes are presented as the relative contribution of surface change during a 3-week period to the annual surface change. By comparing these different time periods and looking at change in different directions, we provide estimates showing that different directions of surface change are dominant at different times of the year. This demonstrates the benefit of frequent monitoring.