Articles | Volume 9, issue 6
Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 1505–1529, 2021
Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 1505–1529, 2021
Research article
06 Dec 2021
Research article | 06 Dec 2021

Multi-objective optimisation of a rock coast evolution model with cosmogenic 10Be analysis for the quantification of long-term cliff retreat rates

Jennifer R. Shadrick et al.

Model code and software

mdhurst1/Rocky-Profile-Model: RPM-CRN with Dakota Implementation v1.0 Martin Hurst, Hironori Matsumoto, Jennifer R. Shadrick, Dylan H. Rood, and Mark E. Dickson

Short summary
Here we use topographic and 10Be concentration data to optimise a coastal evolution model. Cliff retreat rates are calculated for two UK sites for the past 8000 years and, for the first time, highlight a strong link between the rate of sea level rise and long-term cliff retreat rates. This method enables us to study past cliff response to sea level rise and so to greatly improve forecasts of future responses to accelerations in sea level rise that will result from climate change.