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Research article
05 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 05 Jan 2024

Introducing standardized field methods for fracture-focused surface process research

Martha Cary Eppes, Alex Rinehart, Jennifer Aldred, Samantha Berberich, Maxwell P. Dahlquist, Sarah G. Evans, Russell Keanini, Stephen E. Laubach, Faye Moser, Mehdi Morovati, Steven Porson, Monica Rasmussen, and Uri Shaanan

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The imprint of erosion by glacial lake outburst floods in the topography of central Himalayan rivers
Maxwell P. Dahlquist and A. Joshua West
Earth Surf. Dynam., 10, 705–722,,, 2022
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All rocks have fractures (cracks) that can influence virtually every process acting on Earth's surface where humans live. Yet, scientists have not standardized their methods for collecting fracture data. Here we draw on past work across geo-disciplines and propose a list of baseline data for fracture-focused surface process research. We detail the rationale and methods for collecting them. We hope their wide adoption will improve future methods and knowledge of rock fracture overall.