Articles | Volume 5, issue 3
Earth Surf. Dynam., 5, 557–570, 2017
Earth Surf. Dynam., 5, 557–570, 2017

Research article 14 Sep 2017

Research article | 14 Sep 2017

Deriving principal channel metrics from bank and long-profile geometry with the R package cmgo

Antonius Golly and Jens M. Turowski

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Researchers of fluvial geomorphology require reliable information on channel width and its change in space and time. For example, to study bank erosion rates we need the local position of channel banks before and after a high flood event. Although deriving these metrics seems simple, researchers often use manual or arbitrary approaches that are not objective and reproducible. Here, we present an open-source software tool cmgo (R package) that meets the requirements of academic research.