Articles | Volume 9, issue 3
Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 505–517, 2021
Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 505–517, 2021

Research article 07 Jun 2021

Research article | 07 Jun 2021

Locating rock slope failures along highways and understanding their physical processes using seismic signals

Jui-Ming Chang et al.

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Evaluating critical rainfall conditions for large-scale landslides by detecting event times from seismic records
Hsien-Li Kuo, Guan-Wei Lin, Chi-Wen Chen, Hitoshi Saito, Ching-Weei Lin, Hongey Chen, and Wei-An Chao
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 18, 2877–2891,,, 2018
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Adopting the I3R24 rainfall index and landslide susceptibility for the establishment of an early warning model for rainfall-induced shallow landslides
Lun-Wei Wei, Chuen-Ming Huang, Hongey Chen, Chyi-Tyi Lee, Chun-Chi Chi, and Chen-Lung Chiu
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 18, 1717–1733,,, 2018
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Dynamics of the Askja caldera July 2014 landslide, Iceland, from seismic signal analysis: precursor, motion and aftermath
Anne Schöpa, Wei-An Chao, Bradley P. Lipovsky, Niels Hovius, Robert S. White, Robert G. Green, and Jens M. Turowski
Earth Surf. Dynam., 6, 467–485,,, 2018
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Precise water level measurements using low-cost GNSS antenna arrays
David J. Purnell, Natalya Gomez, William Minarik, David Porter, and Gregory Langston
Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 673–685,,, 2021
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Reconstructing the dynamics of the highly similar May 2016 and June 2019 Iliamna Volcano (Alaska) ice–rock avalanches from seismoacoustic data
Liam Toney, David Fee, Kate E. Allstadt, Matthew M. Haney, and Robin S. Matoza
Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 271–293,,, 2021
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Seismo-acoustic energy partitioning of a powder snow avalanche
Emanuele Marchetti, Alec van Herwijnen, Marc Christen, Maria Cristina Silengo, and Giulia Barfucci
Earth Surf. Dynam., 8, 399–411,,, 2020
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Comment on “Dynamics of the Askja caldera July 2014 landslide, Iceland, from seismic signal analysis: precursor, motion and aftermath” by Schöpa et al. (2018)
Tómas Jóhannesson, Jón Kristinn Helgason, and Sigríður Sif Gylfadóttir
Earth Surf. Dynam., 8, 173–175,,, 2020
Seismic location and tracking of snow avalanches and slush flows on Mt. Fuji, Japan
Cristina Pérez-Guillén, Kae Tsunematsu, Kouichi Nishimura, and Dieter Issler
Earth Surf. Dynam., 7, 989–1007,,, 2019
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Seismic techniques applied in rock slope failure research do not provide rapid notifications, as for earthquakes, due to the lack of connections between seismic signals and events. We studied 10 known events in Taiwan and developed a GeoLoc scheme to locate rock slope failures, estimate the event volume, and understand their physical process using available videos. With real-time seismic data transmission, a rapid report can be created for the public within several minutes of the event.