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Research article
01 Feb 2024
Research article |  | 01 Feb 2024

Flexural isostatic response of continental-scale deltas to climatically driven sea level changes

Sara Polanco, Mike Blum, Tristan Salles, Bruce C. Frederick, Rebecca Farrington, Xuesong Ding, Ben Mather, Claire Mallard, and Louis Moresi

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River incision, 10Be production and transport in a source-to-sink sediment system (Var catchment, SW Alps)
Carole Petit, Tristan Salles, Vincent Godard, Yann Rolland, and Laurence Audin
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ISMIP-HOM benchmark experiments using Underworld
Till Sachau, Haibin Yang, Justin Lang, Paul D. Bons, and Louis Moresi
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Landscape responses to dynamic topography and climate change on the South African source-to-sink system since the Oligocene
Claire A. Mallard and Tristan Salles
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Tectonically and climatically driven mountain-hopping erosion in central Guatemala from detrital 10Be and river profile analysis
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Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 795–822,,, 2021
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Drawing everyday sexism in academia: observations and analysis of a community-based initiative
Marie Bocher, Martina Ulvrova, Maëlis Arnould, Nicolas Coltice, Claire Mallard, Mélanie Gérault, and Alice Adenis
Adv. Geosci., 53, 15–31,,, 2020
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Scaling between volume and runout of rock avalanches explained by a modified Voellmy rheology
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Earth Surf. Dynam., 12, 219–229,,, 2024
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Past anthropogenic land use change caused a regime shift of the fluvial response to Holocene climate change in the Chinese Loess Plateau
Hao Chen, Xianyan Wang, Yanyan Yu, Huayu Lu, and Ronald Van Balen
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Steady-state forms of channel profiles shaped by debris flow and fluvial processes
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Optimising global landscape evolution models with 10Be
Gregory A. Ruetenik, John D. Jansen, Pedro Val, and Lotta Ylä-Mella
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Two-thirds of the world's most populated cities are situated close to deltas. We use computer simulations to understand how deltas sink or rise in response to climate-driven sea level changes that operate from thousands to millions of years. Our research shows that because of the interaction between the outer layers of the Earth, sediment transport, and sea level changes deltas develop a self-regulated mechanism that modifies the space they need to gain or lose land.