Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 1–18, 2021
Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 1–18, 2021

Research article 08 Jan 2021

Research article | 08 Jan 2021

Groundwater erosion of coastal gullies along the Canterbury coast (New Zealand): a rapid and episodic process controlled by rainfall intensity and substrate variability

Aaron Micallef et al.

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Short summary
We study coastal gullies along the Canterbury coast of New Zealand using field observations, sample analyses, drones, satellites, geophysical instruments and modelling. We show that these coastal gullies form when rainfall intensity is higher than 40 mm per day. The coastal gullies are formed by landslides where buried channels or sand lenses are located. This information allows us to predict where coastal gullies may form in the future.